Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer 2011

For those that have been checking this blog have noticed that I have not updated it since May. My apologies! ;)

Well, our summer is just about over, but we have had a blast. We have done alot so here are a few pics of some of them. Enjoy!

My brother, Sage, is a member of the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Core. They came to San Antonio and performed at the Alamodome! It was pretty awesome!!

This was at the pool at the hotel in San Antonio by the Alamodome!

I turned 30 on July 4th! I had the BEST time ever and the stories are great too! We went to Salt Grass at the Riverwalk for dinner and then Howl at the Moon. I got called up to sit on the piano and had lots of birthday shots (those that know me - I don't do shots!).

It was a great night!

We went to Sea World A LOT!

We have season passes, so we are making sure we get our money worth out of these things. We went with lots of friends and had so much fun especially feeding dolphins and the sea lions!

We went to Rockport/Port A the end of June. This was Brady's first trip to the beach and it turns out he likes it. He wasn't too crazy about the water, but he was ok if someone was holding him. Brent and I aren't big beach people, but we will definitely take him back.

Brady was all signed up for mutton-bustin' at our rodeo, but he changed his mind at the last minute - literally! All the pictures I have of the rodeo aren't very good, but I loved this one of him looking at the horses. He thought they were cool when they came out buckin'!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

For Mother's Day, I wanted to go to Sea World. We had a blast! Brady loved all the shows and the animals and most of all, the waterpark!

The best 2 boys in the world!

Shamu show with the new little baby whale!

Brady onthe merry-go-round at the Elmo Waterpark.

The dolphin show was cool!

Brady and mom with Shamu!

Brady and mom at the Elmo Waterpark!

Easter 2011

For Easter, we stayed home because of Camy's leg. This was our first Easter home and it turned out pretty nice. Brady woke up to his Easter basket and an egg hunt. We went to dinner later that night.

Brady and daddy counting the eggs to make sure we found them all.

Egg hunt in the yard...he was fast!

Brady and Lenny the Lamb.

Brady checking out the Easter basket.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Family Birthday Dinner Night

Brent and I decided to take Brady out for his birthday dinner. When we asked him where he wanted to go he said Chucky Cheese. He had a blast! He didn't want to leave! We took him to Baskin Robbins for his birthday dessert after. My little man is 3 years old! He is such a cutie and surprises both of us every day!
Brady playing Skeet Ball with Daddy.

Brady riding a horse. When he got off, he asked for one.

Daddy said he can ride the white sheep instead.

I am thinking Muttin' Bustin' is in this child's future!

Brady and Chucky Cheese!

Brady and Daddy throwing footballs.

My school was having a Book Fair, so I got him 2 books for his birthday present from Mommy and Daddy. We also got him a Lightning McQueen baseball glove, ball, and bat.

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Brady!

I just can't believe that my little boy will be 3 on Tuesday this week! The time has gone by so fast, but I have lovedevery minute of it! We had his birthday party over Spring Break so we could use our lodge for family and friends. We were so thankful for all the family and friends that came to celebrate his birthday with us!
Brady playing football at the lodge with cousins and friends.

I just LOVE this picture! Our friends, the Richters, came and Michelle is awesome with her camera. We sure do miss them!
Brady looking for rocks to throw in the river.

Nana Rocks! This is Brady's birthday cake! It was Andy's bed from Toy Story with all the characters. The planet had Buzz on it and it spun and had blinking lights!

There were of course lots of pictures of him opening his gifts, but this one cracks me up! I have never heard of a kid who loves to have underwear as a gift! He was so excited about his new big boy underwear!

Brady's big present from all the grandparents and mom and dad!

Brady and all the kids were playing with Uncle Sage.

The white sheep in the pasture in front of our house are having babies. This little guy couldn't find his mommy, so Austin went and caught it. He was mommy for awhile until the real mommy came looking for it.

After the party, of course you spend the next day opening EVERYTHING!!!

The first thing he went for was his tent!

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